Car Diagnostics in Preston, Lancashire

Look no further for a thorough check-up. Auto Gearbox Repair Services Ltd provide quality car diagnostics and other services to customers in Preston, Lancashire, and the surrounding areas.

Transmission & Diagnostic Services

Connecting to your vehicle's on-board systems, our car mechanics begin a full search in order to localise and identify any faults. We have extensive industry knowledge that allows us to repair all problems fast. Anything from hydraulics to oil pressure is covered by Auto Gearbox Repair Services Ltd.

A Fast Turnaround

Say goodbye to faults fast with us. We have a turnaround of three or four days, getting you back on the road with minimum fuss. No matter what problems we come across, we aim to have your vehicle completely roadworthy as fast as possible. Call today for a competitive quote, we work on all major makes and models of car, including:

Range Rover™


Car Repair, Car Diagnostics in Preston, Lancashire

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